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Our digital branding agency is all about the team. Together we create the extraordinary

We are Hoods – an independent, owner-operated digital branding agency based in Cologne. We’ve been delighting our clients with highly creative ideas since 2014. Outstanding digital experiences are our trade. Not all heroes wear capes – we’re actually more into strategy, design and technical innovation. It’s our mission to make your project stand out.

Get to know the people working at Hoods and read what drives us – our Manifesto.

Agency Overview
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Beautiful design meets innovative technology

As jacks of all trade our team has masterfully developed and implemented a variety of projects for clients from all industries. We love a good challenge, so please don’t hold back your complexities.

Our clients hail from a variety of industries, from B2B to B2C, tech giant to lifestyle brand. We’re all in for them and love their challenges. Some of our clients have been our partners for many years. We strongly believe that customer loyalty grows through honesty, mutual respect and outstanding performance. Those are our values. Straightforward and authentic.

We have a vision of positive business karma. Hell no, to half-baked ideas or empty promises. Hell yeah, to high quality, fairness, effective communication and partnership on equal terms.

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Das Hoods Designteam bespricht ein Projekt

Our reliable network of partners inspires us to achieve more

Sometimes, when inspiration just won’t strike, great ideas need more great minds. We connect with our partners to brainstorm and create the next big thing. One could call it mutual back scratching, we call it better together.