Digital Marketing

Traditional marketers are in a rough spot these days. TV ads gone with a zap of the DVR remote, banners simply made invisible by ad blockers and smart SPAM filters sort out batch and blast newsletters.

Digital Marketing
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But behold, there’s hope! The internet is a great place for advertising. All you have to do is watch for trends and know your target market. Hoods are pros in digital marketing. We know everything about hashtags, growth hacking, omni channel, content and influencer marketing. We practically live online and know all the digital channels you need to focus on.

In close cooperation with you, we’ll closely analyze your target group and their online preferences. Then we’ll design a digital marketing and communications strategy, so you can reach your audience with personalized, unique messages. Digital world, digital advertising, digital impact.

Community Management

You’ve crossed your Ts and dotted your Is – your social networks look great and are brimming with ingenious content. Good job! Now what? Now you have to create value by being your charming self and interacting with your fans, followers and anyone else who’s in the right place at the right time. Alas, who’s got the time to be on Facebook all day? Here’s where Hoods comes in: we offer community management. We’ll take care of your communications and create positive experiences. This will also be the cornerstone of all your social media marketing successes to come. We’ll make your community happy and won’t feed the trolls, we promise.

Content Marketing

Content marketing isn’t about pushing your ads in front of people asking them to buy, buy, buy. It’s about providing relevant, useful information to gradually lead them down your funnel to turn them into customers. By creating high quality content for your audience to consume your prospects will learn to trust you and view you as a reliable source of information.

In our interconnected world we’re all floating in a sea of competitors who all have the same goal as we do: getting noticed by our audience which can seem a tad overwhelming. But worry not, Hoods has you covered. We have audience insights! We can tell you what your audience likes and what kind of content they like to consume. Once we gathered all the data and know your business and marketing goals, we’ll produce high quality content with true informational value. Whitepapers, videos, infographics, blog posts – we create what your audience wants to see. We’ll tailor your content to the appropriate channels. As they say… content is king.

Digital Branding

A detailed branding strategy is a smart and necessary thing for every company to have. Today everyone should also have a digital branding strategy in place. Not sure where to start? First things first: It’s all about consistency. Hardly anything would be more confusing for your prospects than to see a new logo or design in every place they come across your brand.

Technology and marketing channels are changing constantly and faster every day. Your well thought out plan from yesterday could be greeted with an unenthusiastic ‘meh’ tomorrow. That means it’s key to have a long-term strategy in place that can be adapted flexibly when needed.

A sophisticated digital branding strategy can cause a positive chain reaction. By maintaining consistent, on-brand communications you will establish yourself as a trustworthy brand. This strengthens your customers’ loyalty and makes your followers more likely to share your content. Digital branding increases your reach which in turn generates more leads, influences your CTR and thus your search engine ranking. We could go on with this list forever, but you’re probably already on the phone calling Hoods to make it happen.

Direct Marketing

Mailings, flyers, leaflets. Oh, those days when you’d come home to a mailbox full of paper. We don’t really miss it, do we? It was great for marketers though, just buy a few lists of addresses and mail away. There’s still a version of that: online direct marketing. Just like we outlined in our content marketing section it’s all about giving your prospects and customers relevant content.

We take advantage of customer relationship management to simplify direct marketing efforts. It enables us to personalize emails and newsletters to make sure everyone in your CRM gets the content they really love. Activate that inbox and send some (e)mailings!

Strategic Marketing

Big Data! It’s everywhere. Google Analytics and other tools shed light on all nooks and crannies of our marketing efforts. When looking at all the metrics, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and sidetracked which tends to push traditional, strategic marketing into the background. Hoods will gladly help you to go back to the roots and kick off strategic analyses etc. We carry out a thorough competition and target group analysis for you and gather insights about you ideal customers and their needs. These insights provide a competitive edge that works in your favor for every digital and analog measure you take. Hoods offers holistic solutions with concepts that are tailored to your business. We want to build your long-term success.


„Let me google that real quick.“ How many times do you think or hear this sentence per day? By the way… real quick also entails not checking the third or fourth results page. A great organic ranking for your keywords isn’t only worth its weight in gold, ranking is turning a bit into survival of the fittest.

Businesses with a high rank in search engine results seem trustworthy and authoritative. These two aspects are key for today’s customers who are faced with a tremendous choice of companies.

A high organic rank will get you in front of more prospects which leads to more conversions. It will also save you money as you need to spend less on search engine advertising.

To achieve a high rank in Google and Co. you need website optimization, the technical part of your site must be in shipshape and you’ll need high-quality backlinks.

Hoods offers a broad spectrum of SEO services, among others keyword research and SEO audits. We also generate top-quality, high-performing content and make sure that your site is optimized on and off page. Go ahead, google our contact info, why don’t you.


Search engine advertising is a great way to get you to the top spots on search engine result pages. Just like SEO search engine marketing is a measure suited for all businesses and will likely show good results. SEO and SEA are complementary parts by the way.

Unsurprisingly, one of the biggest and most well-known providers for search engine advertising is Google AdWords. It just so happens that Hoods specializes in AdWords campaigns, what a coincidence! We’ll gladly design high-performing SEA campaigns for your business, bid on all the ideal keywords for your site and take care of the technical details in the background. After publishing your campaigns we’ll take care of monitoring and reporting. This gives us the agility needed to make ad-hoc changes to your AdWords campaigns while optimizing your ROI. We’ll also deal with the plentiful acronyms, so you don’t have to.